Overnight Acne Treatment

Acne vulgaris, commonly known as acne, is a condition caused by the blockage of skin pores during the production of oil by the sebaceous glands. This oil is anaerobically digested by bacteria on the skin making it worse and causing inflammation. After years of reading on the subject and thousands consulting dermatologists there is one conclusion: there is no overnight cure for acne. Therefore one should expect to spend at least 2-3 months to clear acne maybe more. There is also a general consensus that the acne should be approached on two fronts: the bacteria and the glands.

The bacteria are live on the skin to feed off dead skin and oil, which is all well and good. Their causing inflammation however doesn’t make them likable, under any circumstance. Just ask anyone with acne. In ancient times bathing in sulphurous waters was a treatment. Sulphur is used as an antibacterial cream even today and most acne- fighting products contain it. Also rose water and Aloe Vera extracts were used to relief the inflammation. Try to use a three or four drops of rose water to wash your face once in a while. In the late 20th century Benzyl Peroxide was being used.

It is still in use today and should help for those with mild forms of acne. This however has created bacteria resistant to it. In recent times Red and blue light has been seen to kill these bacteria. These radicals in the bacteria which will kill them eventually and because it is visible light (not UV light) there has been no major side effects to its use! This is one of the most effective overnight acne treatments.

The other front can only be approached internally. Your sebaceous glands are over active only because you let them to. Feeding on sugary and highly processed foods doesn’t help your case. Caffeine is a complete no-no. Drink less of soda and more of water to encourage sweating which opens up those pores, taking with them some of that oil. That’s why exercise is very important. It will not only improve your weight, it will help your face too hence help with your acne. That is a win-win situation. Keep of dairy products as they contain hormone activators. These hormones once released into your system will cause hyperactivity, and being overzealous already, the glands will comply only to cause a break out.

Wash your face regularly and do not worry too much about it. Everything shall come to pass in good time. Keep your hands off your face as you are introducing dirt, oil and bacteria to an already sensitive face. Wash your face with your hands only as wash cloths also introduces bacteria. Remember to use cold water as warm water creates a suitable environment for those little bacteria to live in. This should be done before you go to bed and will go a long way in your overnight acne treatment.

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